The enduring mystery of Roberto Clemente’s bat

This is a long article but what a story. It’s about the bat that Roberto Clemente used to hit his 3000th hit. More than that…it upped my respect for the man if that was possible. It has more twists and turns than most stories.

It’s an excerpt from a book (A Drive into the Gap) by Kevin Guilfoile. His dad Bill Guilfoile, was the PR man for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1970-1978. Kevin is a writer and he also worked in public relations with the Astros for a while…he also was an intern for the Pirates in the 90s.

If you have the time it is a good read.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

15 thoughts on “The enduring mystery of Roberto Clemente’s bat”

      1. Roberto was an amazing fellow. Have you read David Maranis book? …Spring training starts tomorrow? What do you think of those new playoff proposals they threw out today?

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      2. I haven’t read the book. I’ve never known much about Roberto…I do want to know more.

        I don’t like it at all. It will be as bad as the NBA. You have to earn it. It will water it down way too much.

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      3. I agree with you on those proposed changes- it looks like they are in a panic. Baseball over the years has gone up and down as far as popularity goes- they need to keep the course. What’s next voting teams off the island?

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      4. That last line cracked me up!
        He is trying to do too much. It’s like Finley is in charge.
        I’ve lined that book up. It’s a short one.

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      5. I think Manfred must have the owners backing on these changes- when is the last time a commissioner wasn’t a tool for the owners? Faye Vincent and we know what happened to him.

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      6. The have to be wanting this… for improved revenue. Why not let everyone in at this point? I’m hoping common sense will prevail.
        Have you ever read this book? I saw it while finding the other.
        The Team That Changed Baseball : Roberto Clemente and the 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates

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      7. I hate it when I have to agree with Trevor Bauer, but the shoe fits. Manfred is a clown and these are atrociously bad ideas… we have enough teams in the playoffs already, it means that the regular season counts; and we don’t need some dumb reality TV aspect where teams can wring their hands and give a rose to the team they want to play with or something.

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      8. I’m really hoping that he is just testing public opinion on this dumb idea. The game is great…if left alone. He just keeps on with the bad ideas…like extra innings having a runner on second automatically.

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      9. If they do this- it will make the regular season a long meaningless affair. I don’t see this accomplishing what they want anyway. One word- moronic.

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  1. Wow- that was a long piece, but interesting. I’m amazed someone would go to such lengths of detective work to verify the bat, but it’s cool that he did. Roberto definitely seems like he was a true great on and off the field. What a shame he met the fate he did.
    Bonds on the other hand, comes off exactly how I’d expect in the story. My prediction is that Alex Rodriguez will make it into the Hall of Fame but Bonds nor Clemens will, because of their attitudes. A-Rod was arrogant and ignorant, but he served his suspension and came back a changed man; something of a mature mentor figure. Bonds and Clemens never did seem to mature or own up, and I think voters will remember that.

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    1. Yep there is a price to be paid being a jerk. He had a privilidged childhood also…Bonds that is…playing in clubhouses…something happened to turn him but there is no excuse for that.

      Roberto was a great guy to go to that trouble for kids and people in general. I’ve seen Kershaw do that also at games that I’ve seen in Atlanta. Bailey got his autograph and he was as nice as he could be.

      Yea that is why I warned about the long article but it was cool how much he cared.

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