Dave Dombrowski and Joe Maddon

The firing of Dave Dombrowski shocked me. The reasons given why vary but The Red Sox just won a World Series in 2018. Some say it’s because of the contracts he handed out to David Price, Chris Sale, and  Nathan Eovaldi. The other reason I’ve read is because he traded away the a lot of the farm system to build this team. Again…they won the World Series last year. Does that not count for anything anymore?

Trading is Dave’s thing. Everyone knew that including the Red Sox management when they brought him on.

Joe Maddon was fired. Did the guy turn into an idiot in 3 years since they won a World Series? I’ve never thought he was perfect..no manager is… He keeps guys loose and does the most important job now in the modern era…juggles egos pretty well.

If a manager would have won a World Series in Chicago for the Cubs in any other decade they would have had a job for life and probably been made the mayor…

Clint Hurdle was fired after a career record with Pittsburgh of 735-720-1. His situation is different. He wasn’t given the talent that Maddon had but did lead Pittsburgh to 3 straight post seasons at a dry time for them.


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16 thoughts on “Dave Dombrowski and Joe Maddon”

  1. Officially, I think Maddon’s contract ran out and he wasn’t re-signed (at least that’s the impression I got from various Instagram accounts), but really! The only manager I can remember that even came close was Leo Durocher, and we all know how that turned out. (Not that the Cubs ever meant anything to me, preferring the White Sox…)

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    1. Yes that is correct that his contract ran out but they didn’t even try to resign him…I mean the guy would have been king of Chicago in the 80s or 90s. The Angels just fired their manager of one year so they can sign Maddon. I don’t see them doing any better than him.
      I’m a Dodger fan
      My dad liked the Dodgers in the 50s when all of his brothers liked the Yankees…he liked the underdogs which they were back then lf course to the Yankees…so I got it honestly. Started to follow them in 1977.


  2. I never liked Maddon even though I was overjoyed to see the Cubs finally win it. I personally think they are better off moving on, but I understand completely what you are saying.

    When I followed baseball more closely and particularly at his time at Tampa he just made so many bizarre late innings decisions which cost his team. Didn’t he do something similarly stupid late innings that nearly cost the Cubs the WS. I just don’t trust him. He might be the nicest guy in the world for all I know and a great coach, but I never got good vibes with him. Pretty shallow on my part huh?

    I used to follow baseball daily because I was implementing a system betting strategy which did well for two seasons, but those days are well past. Still I enjoy watching the odd game now and then. My dream is to see a real MLB game one day.

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    1. I totally get what your saying. Yes he did make some moves that were puzzling by pitching Chapman when he did but in today’s baseball world…were they the front offices wishes or his?

      The front office of today puts their hands in everything including the lineup. That is what makes it so hard but again…I agree it was a dumb thing to do and Cleveland nearly won that World Series.

      Managers are given a short leash now that is for sure.

      I didn’t get to this year…because of the kidney stone but I go to Atlanta some and I usually try to plan it when the Dodgers play and see them.

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      1. I think it was that Chapman move. I’m surprised it hasn’t been cleared up as to who’s decision it was. I understand what you mean about the front office having so much say. This was demonstrated in Moneyball when Billy Bean went over the manager in putting Halloway at first base. I don’t know if it actually happened like that. I imagine so since Bean was so involved in the movie.
        Atlanta have had a great year!

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      2. The Giants are looking for a manager. The president said we are looking for someone who can build relationships with the front office and players. In the old days the manager could do what he wanted to a degree…but not as much now.
        Yes Atlanta is really good this year. They could very well go the the World Series.

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      3. We’ll see what happens with the Giants. I see what you mean about how the times have changed. The all powerful fire and brimstone manager are long gone – it’s the same with what’s happened in Australian football. It’s a sign of the times.

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  3. at the time Dombrowski being fired really surprised me, after all, only a year after a World Series and one of the most dominant seasons in recent memory. But the owners explained it away more , of late, saying they want to go more like Milwaukee or Oakland and run on a smallish budget, avoid payroll tax, and Dave D wanted to keep signing more big names and I guess re-up Mookie Betts and others to huge deals. Seems a bit unfair to Dombrowski but at least there’s a clear cut reason.
    Maddon’s firing didn’t surprise me one bit after the Cubs collapsed in late-September, but that doesn’t mean it’s right or fair.Now it’s “What have you done for me lately?” and loyalty’s a rare commodity in the sport. I’d like to see Maddon be hired by Toronto, but they seem committed to Charlie Montoyo and already rumor mill says Maddon is perfect for LAAnaheim… who of course, also fired their manager.

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    1. Yea that is a reason and I totally get it but when you sign Dombrowski…you know how he operates…this is what he did with Detroit. Management approved all of those contracts also. He did lessen their farm system.

      I don’t’ think the Chris Sale signing was wise just because of his arm problems.

      Maddon is going to the Angels…I would bet the farm. The Angels fired Asumus after one year just to clear room for him.
      They did collapse but there was no goofing off…no chicken and beer…injuries played their part also.

      It shows you how much baseball has changed…if he would have won a World Series in Chicago the 80s or 90s he would have a job for years.

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      1. Yep. I guess it’s symptomatic of how we, as a society, just have no patience or attention span for anything anymore. Used to be teams, and fans understood there could be a down year in the midst of a good run, but no longer. Same in music, where the few the big labels do sign now had better be #1 on Spotify in a month or else they’re gone… no long career growth trajectories like acts used to enjoy.

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      2. I couldn’t agree more. Although I’m not a football fan as you know. I use quarterbacks as an example. In the old days rookie quarterbacks would be given clipboards and work with the starter for 3 years or more at times until they had it down…now they throw them in the fire.

        Yea record companies and teams would bring artists/athletes along at a slower pace…baby steps…no more.

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      3. Btw, don’ t have time to write a detailed blog before it kicks off but I figure your Dodgers should take out Washington, but could be cose games. Atlanta/StL might be closest of all series but expect Braves should win…

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      4. Yea Atlanta can beat anyone including the Dodgers… Washington has the talent but their bullpen is worse than the Dodgers. They will be close I do believe.


  4. It’s clear to me that these decisions were not made to appease the fan base. Good managers like Madden and front office departures as Dombrowski will come back to haunt their former teams.


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