Dave Dombrowski and Joe Maddon

The firing of Dave Dombrowski shocked me. The reasons given why vary but The Red Sox just won a World Series in 2018. Some say it’s because of the contracts he handed out to David Price, Chris Sale, and  Nathan Eovaldi. The other reason I’ve read is because he traded away the a lot of the farm system to build this team. Again…they won the World Series last year. Does that not count for anything anymore?

Trading is Dave’s thing. Everyone knew that including the Red Sox management when they brought him on.

Joe Maddon was fired. Did the guy turn into an idiot in 3 years since they won a World Series? I’ve never thought he was perfect..no manager is… He keeps guys loose and does the most important job now in the modern era…juggles egos pretty well.

If a manager would have won a World Series in Chicago for the Cubs in any other decade they would have had a job for life and probably been made the mayor…

Clint Hurdle was fired after a career record with Pittsburgh of 735-720-1. His situation is different. He wasn’t given the talent that Maddon had but did lead Pittsburgh to 3 straight post seasons at a dry time for them.


Welcome to Talking About Baseball

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.

— George Herman Ruth.

Welcome to talkingaboutbaseball.wordpress.com

I wanted to make a baseball only blog because there are some baseball items that probably would not go over really well on my Powerpop site. I would like to cover new and old…anything about baseball is in play.

I’m a Dodger fan but this will not be Dodger only posts. Since I know more about them I’m sure Dodgers posts will pop up. Everything from minor league prospects in 2019 to why did Babe Ruth try to steal second base in the 1926 World Series and make the last out.