2021 MLB Predictions

My friends Hanspostcard and Dave did this in the past few days. I’ve never been good at this but I’ll give it a shot. This will be my first attempt and we will see what happens. I read over Fangraphs, pecota, and just the eye test.

I think the Braves could surprise some and  win the NL. I also think the Yankees have a lot question marks and unless everything goes perfect I don’t see them making the World Series. Although I’m a Dodger fan I honestly think they are the most balanced and stacked team in the MLB this year…of course that only means they will probably lose.

I think the White Sox will gel this year and make some noise.

National League


  • Dodgers
  • Padres
  • Giants
  • Diamondbacks
  • Rockies


  • Braves
  • Mets
  • Nationals
  • Phillies
  • Marlins


  • Brewers
  • Cubs
  • Cardinals
  • Reds
  • Pirates


Padres – Mets

NL Champion

Dodgers over the Braves

American League


  • Astros
  • A’s
  • Angels
  • Mariners
  • Rangers


  • Yankees
  • Blue Jays
  • Rays
  • Red Sox
  • Orioles


  • White Sox
  • Twins
  • Indians
  • Royals
  • Tigers


Twins and Blue Jays

AL Champion

White Sox  over the Yankees

World Series

Dodgers over White Sox