A Salute to Clayton

This year it’s different  being a Dodger fan.  I see more Dodger blogs, merchandise, games, and chatter about them. If they don’t win this year that is alright…it was nice seeing that win back in October.

Between 2004 the Dodgers were owned by Frank and Jamie McCourt…better known to Dodger fans as McBroke. The last three years of their reign were heart breaking for Dodger fans. Fans stopped going to the games while Frank and Jamie were going through a divorce. Finally the Commissioner …Selig finally intervened and stopped the non-sense of them both draining the Dodgers dry and attempting to under sell their Fox TV contract by getting quick money…but Selig is NOT without blame in this. Although McCourt was denied for buying the Red Sox…he was approved buying the Dodgers from Fox with a loan from…you guessed it…Fox.

While all of this was going on, Clayton Kershaw kept fans watching the Dodgers. He was maybe the best pitcher in MLB between 2011 and 2014. His stats were 72-26 with a 2.11 ERA with 3 Cy Young Awards and a second place finish to R.A. Dickey. He would have had more wins but most years the bullpen was awful…and that bullpen would cause some of those post season failures. He would be on the ropes in the 8th inning but he would be kept in because the bullpen was not to be trusted. That didn’t cause all of his troubles but it added to them greatly.

On April 11, 2021 he won his 177th career game against 77 loses. He is 100 games over at this point in his career and he looks like he has plenty in the tank at this point. It’s not just his great pitching either…more importantly from all accounts he is a nice decent human being. Fans of other teams who hate the Dodgers seem to like Clayton Kershaw. I saw Giants fans happy to see him win…only him though…and that’s the way it should be. Vin Scully was the other person associated with the Dodgers who was loved by rival teams.

Clayton is great for the game of baseball and the Dodgers. I’ve tried not to take him for granted because players like him don’t come along often. Clayton is only 33 years old and my hope is he remains a Dodger until he is ready to hang them up. If he quit today he should be Hall of Fame bound.

In past off seasons Kershaw and his wife Ellen go to Africa and help build and rebuild villages and give relief to poverty stricken areas. They formed a charity called Kershaw’s Challenge.

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26 thoughts on “A Salute to Clayton”

    1. I meant to mention Trout…they are good guys and great for the game. I didn’t realize he was 100 games over 500.
      Clayton is still that Franchise.

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      1. Isn’t this the final year of his contract? What happens next? what do you think a short 2-3 year deal? Certainly 31 million again seems kind of too much.

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      2. Yes it is the final year. Yes I would say 2-3 year deal. Yea that is too much money now…I wouldn’t think he would get that much again.
        It is funny because they offered him a crazy long deal before and he turned it down…

        I think he will stay with the Dodgers because I do think they will pay more than anyone else just because of what he is to the Franchise…that will be interesting though.

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      3. Yes I would do that in a heartbeat. I think the only team he would think about is Texas but they are far away from contending and he wants to win too much.
        I do think he will sign with them.

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  1. I still hear pundit after pundit saying “degrom is the greatest pitcher in the game” or “Scherzer is best” but to me, Kershaw takes that cake. Yes, he’s had a few injuries but he’s still right there among the best, as he has been for 10+ years. Helps that like you say, he seems like a very decent guy and good ambassador for the sport.
    If he’s a free agent next year, I expect he should be looking to get Bauer type money – $40M or more but not for a whole lot of years.
    PS- not tied into this but related to Dodgers – you should check out the Netflix show “Long shot”, a one hour doc basically. It’s about a guy charged with murder …but the twist is LA Dodgers end up proving him innocent. Quite interesting

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    1. Between 2011 and 2014 I do think Kershaw was the best hands down…Yea but Bauer was coming off a Cy Young so I don’t know if they would do that…maybe for a two year but it also depends on what he does this year.

      In his first game he looked shaky…the last two he is looking really good again and his fastball is rising.

      I will have to check that out! That seems really cool

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      1. Keep his back good & I bet he’s got 3 more All Star type seasons left in him at least.
        I did some math-in years since he arrived, LA is 1141-863 (to beginning of this year). Take out his decisions & they are 964-786, or .545. He’s at .697…150 points above team record w/o him. That’s extraordinary. So too is 5 ( I think) ERA titles.

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      2. Oh I forgot to throw in the MVP he won Dave! I just had to write this when I found out he was 100 games over 500.
        I think he will retire a Dodger…at least I hope

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  2. I hate to see him come up against the Braves, especially in the playoffs, but there’s no doubt he’s a talented pitcher. The magic number for pitchers to get into the Hall of Fame is 300. Think he’ll make it?

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    1. John I don’t think anyone is getting to 300 anymore. Pitchers don’t pitch as much now… 200 innings a year is special now. I think Kershaw will get…with no major injuries…around 230-250…but if he went down today…I think he is in. 3 Cy Youngs and 1 MVP to boot…and a WS win.

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      1. Roy Halladay was in with 203…his untimely death might have sped up his selection but few doubted he deserved it. These days 200 wins is a high bar…plus voters look a bit more at numbers like WAR and analytics like ‘field-adjusted’ numbers more these days than just W-L. I do wish pitchers these days got chance to win 20+ a year and go 250 innings but those days seem passed.

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      2. Do you agree with me Dave? It would be hard to get to 300 hundred now. Relief pitchers now have taken over the end of the game pitchers are on pitche counts.

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      3. very much so. A 20 game winner (in a season) is now rare, back in the ’70s some individual teams would have two (or if you were Baltimore, 4). It’s hard to get a win anyway. For instance, if a starter is crap and is pulled after 2 innings, he can get an “L”. But if he’s throwing a no-hitter and the manager yanks him after 4 2/3, no “W”. Or, how many times have we seen this – pitcher is great, maybe through 8, has a lead (maybe 3-1) then in comes closer, closer lets other team tie it up, home team wins in bottom of 9th and the closer who fouled up gets the W”” not the starter. Only way I see pitchers winning 20 a year or 300 career again would be if rules change – perhaps any starter who goes 5 and leaves with a lead gets the win (if his team pull it out) no matter how many times lead goes back and forth. Fewer cheap wins for bullpen, more for starter. But otherwise – Kershaw could be about the last 200 game winner we’ll see for awhile

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      4. I think the era ended with Maddux and Glavine. The speciality pitcher and yes like you said…the closer will come in and louse things up…that really makes me angry when the starting pitcher doesn’t have a lot of pitches and is doing fine in the 7th and they replace him anyway…it’s just by habit.


    1. MLB just feature him as much as possible…he is a good spokesman.
      Yes I did…you mean the top of the ninth when Jansen got the save?

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      1. It was Sunday night Atlanta- Phillies and a home plate decision top of the 9th, upon review, the runner was called safe at home, but he didn’t seem to touch home plate nor did the Catcher interfere with him..

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      2. Oh yes I saw that! That was terrible…he was clearly out because he didn’t touch…we were talking about Kershaw Matt and my mind was on that.

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  3. It was terrible indeed and I felt bad for the local fans who could clearly witness from the replay on the big screen that is it was clearly ‘out’. The next day I searched MLB news to see if they had made an official statement as to why he was deemed safe. But there was nothing. I don’t know how such a review can be made without an official reason.

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    1. They will not fess up to it…only rail on the officials who didn’t turn it over. I see why the ump missed it to begin with…but not the replay guy.

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      1. The only reason I could see was the catcher impinged on the runner, but he didn’t. Yes, bizarre. The same things are happening with VAR in soccer worldwide. It’s as though the replay system isn’t doing what it’s supposed and clean up the sports. It did in the beginning, but there are just too many strange outcomes since COVId you have to wonder if the ‘fix’ is in.

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      2. That one was so obvious…you have to wonder sometimes Matt…btw…I’ll be around to your post really soon. Sorry…the mother in law is staying with us…it has wrecked my schedule.

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